Book Review: All At Once by Vera Mae

Friday, January 20, 2017

Beautiful BastardTitle: All At Once
Author: Vera Mae
Genre: Romance
Pages: 277
Chapters: 17
Started: 01/15/2017
Finished: 01/20/2017
Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Purchase: Amazon ~ Kindle
Beautiful Bastard

Jayne meets Lyel, the hottest star on television, in an elevator. When the lift lurches to a stop mid-ride, they share a candid exchange before Jayne faints, waking minutes later on the floor in Lyel’s arms. It takes less than fifteen minutes for the cords of love to tighten, and Lyel pursues Jayne, having fallen utterly and completely in love. But Lyel has a secret, and after he spends three inseparable days with Jayne, he disappears into thin air. Jayne is shattered, left to mend the heart Lyel’s torn to pieces. Then, as though he’d never parted from her, Lyel returns and confesses his truth.

If you like Nicholas Sparks, you'll like Vera Mae. Her writing is almost poetic. I fell in love with this book and the characters quickly.

Lyel is the quirkiest person and I absolutely love that about him. Although. I'm kind of disappointed in the fact he got involved with Jayne knowing what he knew about himself. It was a bit selfish of him to bring her into his life. But, it made for a wonderful story. I can't complain too much.

Jayne is a beautiful character. She gives Lyel her entire heart, only for him to walk away. It broke my heart that he did that to her. (That's mainly why I gave it four stars.)

I figured out why he left before Vera tells us why. I forgave him for leaving her when he told her what was going on.

I loved all of the parts with the play scenes. I have yet to see any show live and Vera gave me that experience through this book.

This book was all around perfect. I loved every minute of it. I am so thankful to Vera for the chance to read this book.

I feel like this song goes so well with Jayne and Lyel. It matches their relationship perfectly!!

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