Review: Backlash by Sarah Darer Littman

Saturday, September 10, 2016

He says: You're an awful person.
He says: What makes you think I would ever ask you out?
He says: The world would be a better place without you in it.

Lara just got told off on Facebook.

She thought that Christian liked her, that he was finally going to ask her to his school's homecoming dance. They've been talking online for weeks, so what's with the sudden change? And where does he get off saying horrible things on her wall? Even worse - are they true?

It's been a long time since Lara's felt this bad, this depressed, this ugly. She's worked really hard to become pretty and happy - and make new friends after what happened in middle school.

Bree used to be best friends with overweight, depressed Lara, but constantly listening to Lara's issues got to be too much. Secretly, Bree's glad Christian called Lara out. Lara's not nearly as amazing as people think. But no one realized just how far Christian's harsh comments would push Lara. Not even Bree.

As online life collides with real life, things spiral out of control, and not just for Lara. Because when the truth starts to com together, the backlash is even more devastating than anyone could ever have imagined.

This book is so important. If you're in high school and you're dealing with bullying or if you are the bully, please read this book. This book teaches a valuable lesson that everyone needs to learn.

It took me five days to read this book. I didn't want it to end. I kept on thinking of ways how I wanted this book to end and came up with some many different things. It didn't end exactly how I wanted it to because I feel like there wasn't much justice for Lara. The ending was still nice though.

The characters are so relatable to real life teenagers. You see how mean some teenagers/adults can be. This book is not sugarcoated in any way, shape or form. You get to see what happens to someone who can't handle all the stress of being bullied.

I don't want to spoil this book at all. I'm leaving it at this. This book was amazing and I'm hoping that that people learn life lessons from this book.

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